Pere Joan (Palma, 1956)

Pere Joan belongs to that generation of artists that in the 80’s tried to combine commercial comics with experimentation in their work. As part of the so-called “ligne claire” (clear line) drawing style, he started his career publishing in the magazine Cairo.

He combines his work as a comic artist and as an illustrator. His work Mi cabeza bajo el mar won the “Saló del Còmic Barcelona Award” for the best work in 1991. Together with Max, he edited and directed the avant-garde comic magazine Nosotros Somos los Muertos. His latest works include adaptations of literary works into graphic novels, such as Nocilla Experience, by Agustín Fernández Mallo, and Viaje a Cotiledonia, by Cristóbal Serra.

He also occasionally experiments working on comic-essays, as in 100 Pictogramas para un siglo (XX).

His latest monographic publication is Agujero, done together with the photographer Dani Cardona, in which he turns the spaghetti western into a diverse set of photographs with  a casting entirely made in a mini-village, stories of different people and a story board of a film that will never be shot.

Pere Joan is also a cartoonist of no particular genre, with drawings not strictly linked to comics.