Nívola Uyá (Valencia, 1976)

Visual artist, illustrator and author.

Nívola Uyá collaborates with several entities developing campaigns, animation videos, exhibition materials, murals, as well as her own work.

Illustrator to some twenty books, her publications have been translated into more than 20 languages and have won international awards. In 2013 she was awarded  the “Silver Moonbeam” for best Illustrator, in 2017 she received the UNESCO Chair Seal of Approval and in 2020 the Silver IPPY Award  for Un Baño de Bosque and the recent “Cuatrogatos Foundation Awards” This year (2023) she won  the Gold Medal at the IPPY Awards for her book Silencio.

Nívola is co-founder of the Art and Nature project Trazos de Bosque which researches and experiments with natural materials and traditional techniques for artistic creation.

List of publications

  • Haikus Ilustrados. Nívola Uyá and Gira-sol. Art direction of the participatory album. Ed. Intress, 2023. Spanish.
  • Silence Nívola Uyá. Ed. Cuento de Luz, 2022. Spanish and English.
  • Asali y la leyenda del Baobab. Paula Merlán. Ed. Triqueta, 2022. Spanish, Catalan and Galician.
  • GEAS. Women who study the Earth.  Rosa María Mateos & Ana Ruiz Constan. Self-published with the collaboration of the Geological Society of Spain, 2021. Spanish and 16 European languages.
  • Sleeping in the Forest. Nívola Uyá. Ed. Dixi Book. 2021. English
  • A Forest Bath. Nívola Uyá and Marc Ayats. Ed. Cuento de Luz, 2019. Spanish and English.
  • El Terror de les Nenes Collective Comic. Ed. Disset. 2019. Catalan
  • Rafael. Isabel Zambujal. Ed. Levoir. 2019. Portuguese.
  • Gauguin. Isabel Zambujal. Ed. Levoir. 2018. Portuguese.
  • Grans personatges de Mallorca II. Collective book. Ed. Disset. 2018. Catalan
  • ? interative e-book. Poem by Florbela Espanca. Ed. Pipoca, 2017. Portuguese, English and Spanish.
  • Que amores de sons! Alexandre Honrado, Penelope Martins. Ed. Editora do Brasil, 2017. Portuguese.
  • Clara Hammerl. Nívola Uyá. Ed. Consell de Mallorca, 2017. Catalan and German.
  • Lopez Lomong. Ana Eulate. Ed. Cuento de Luz, 2016. Spanish and English.
  • The coast of Mallorca. Collective comic. Ed. Editorial General Clúster, 2016. English, German, Spanish and Catalan.
  • Un Tesoro en las cumbres. Ramiro Calle. Ed. Cuento de Luz, 2015. Spanish and English.
  • Els meus amics (i altres contes). Margarita Roig. Santillana Foundation, 2015. Catalan.
  • Mariama, different but the same. Jerónimo Cornelles. Ed. Cuento de Luz, 2014. Spanish and English.
  • Yoga in the jungle. Ramiro Calle. Ed. Cuento de Luz, 2014. Spanish and English.
  • Secrets in the snow. Virginia Kroll. Ed. Cuento de Luz, 2013. Spanish and English.
  • Walking Eagle. Ana Eulate. Ed. Cuento de Luz, 2013. Spanish and English.
  • A very, very noisy tractor. Mar Pavón. Ed. Cuento de Luz, 2013. Spanish and English.
  • Bonita es la vida! Ana Eulate. Ed. Cuento de Luz, 2012. Spanish and English.
  • Plou i fa sol. Caterina Valriu. Barcanova, 2011. Catalan.
  • The journey of the muon child. Nívola Uyá. Pedro Bernardo Town Council, 2010. Spanish.
  • Quatre Retocs / Some cosmetics touch ups. Caterina Valriu. Ed. Santa Maria Sense Fronteres, 2009. Catalan and English.
  • Las rocas con ojos de monstruo / The rocks with monster eyes. Rosa Mª Mateos. Geological Association of Spain, 2009. Spanish.
  • L’ Amor de les Tres Taronges. Antoni María Alcover. Ed. Moll, 2008. Catalan.