Jaume Martí

Comic book lover, collector and collaborator for several publishers, Jaume Martí currently maintains a close working relationship with the publishing house Nuevo Nueve.

Among other things, he has illustrated the Rondalles Santamarieres published in the magazine Coanegra,  has participated as a cartoonist in many collective publications: Nueve preguntas (coordinated by himself), Eterno un homenaje a Juan Gimenez, Fanzine per la llibertat d’expressió, Bill el largo y la posada maldita, Kandrine, Gorila and Homenaje al Club de las Chicas Malas, these last three for the publishing house Ausaider Cómics.

He has also curated exhibitions for the “International Comic Festival of Avilés” (Rafel Vaquer/Johnny Roqueta 2013 and Pere Joan 2015), for “Comic Nostrum” (Kim 2018 and Tony Sandoval 2019) and the tribute exhibition to Spirou that showed in Mallorca in 2016.

In 2017 he held his first exhibition of his own drawings: Santamariers, Retrats, llapis i tinta.

In 2022, he signed a very personal photography book. A tribute dedicated to comic authors and illustrators, its title 99, Rostros tras las viñetas (99, Faces behind the vignettes). These same photographs were exhibited at the exhibition hall of the publishing house “Nuevo Nueve” in Madrid.

Nowadays he continues coordinating, photographing, drawing… and any other related activities.