Francesca Corso (Verona, 1994)

Francesca is an Italian illustrator but currently lives in Palma de Mallorca. Her stylistic and poetic research is the result of years of research and personal study.

Her studies are entirely artistic: graduated in painting and pictorial decoration in Verona, she continues her studies in illustration at the Scuola Comics of Padua. She participates in improvement courses with different professional illustrators, finally graduating from the first-level academic Master in editorial illustration at Ars in Fabula in Macerata, she reinforces her figure as an illustrator and begins her profession. In 2021 she was selected for the exhibition “Italian Excellences, the new generation of Italian illustrators for children” organized by Bologna Children’s Book Fair, as one of the 20 most promising young emerging illustrators on the panorama of children’s illustration in Italy. She works for publishers and private companies. She has published with Italian publishers such as Uovonero, Il Leone Verde dei Piccoli, Clavis, Iperborea, Rizzoli Education and Gutenberg editions… and foreign publishers such as HC. Andersen Publishing from Copenhagen, Firefly Education and Starfish Bay publishing from Australia, D’eux from Canada… He has exhibited in different exhibitions (Babakamo 2023 in Valencia, at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2020, at the Italian Institutes of Culture in the world such as Romania, China, Germany, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, India, Mexico, Tunisia, Brazil, Algeria… in the Month of the Illustrator 2023 in Tabasco, in the Illustrated Book Festival in Macerata in 2019…).