Canizales is a Colombian author and illustrator based in Mallorca. He is recognised for his outstanding work in the world of children’s literature. His works have been selected for important exhibitions such as “The best children’s books” and “Books out of series”, both organised by the “Bologna International Children’s Book Fair”.

With work published in more than 15 languages, he has collaborated with renowned publishers such as Templar, Planeta, Penguin Random House, Scholastic, National Geographic, Santillana, Bromera, Apila, Telos, among others. His works have received international recognition by such prestigious awards as “Apel·les Mestres”,  “Apila” and the “Enric Solbes award” in Spain, and among others, the “Cuatrogatos award” in the United States. Canizales also teaches at the Universitat Oberta in Catalunya.

Although his books are distinguished for being fun and for their endearing characters, Canizales focuses on developing meaningful quality content and themes for children. His work focuses on three main lines: die-cut books for early childhood, illustrated albums and graphic novels.

To see his work, you can visit his website or follow him on Instagram, where you will find a samples of his talent and creativity.