Juan Lassalle (aka Ata), moved with his family to Llubí (Mallorca) in 2008 where he continues his monthly collaboration on the comic magazine TMEO  which was started over 25 years ago. Ata also publishes comic strips in magazines such as El Jueves and Mongolia.

Although his drawing style has evolved over the years, he has always kept an underground comic feeling to  his work, and this can be felt in his work En la cocina. Dibujando (Blur, 2008), a booklet that brings together pages from his sketchbooks which demonstrate his attractive crooshatched drawing style that characterises his recent works. Alongside his comic strips, he also illustrates for magazines such as GQ, Visual and Cáñamo.

In 2012 he founded the publishing house Autsaider Comics with the intention of promoting international underground authors that haven’t been published yet in Spain, such as the american author, Kaz or Herr Seele, author of Cowboy Henk. He also publishes national underground authors  such as Furillo or José Tomás (that no-one should miss). It is worth mentioning the original collection of limited edition “colour boxes”, which groups  together different thematic mini-comics, and include some of the youngest and senior authors of independent comics.


Autsaider Cómics