Rafel Vaquer (Palma, 1957)

Comic strip author, illustrator with a Bachelor Degree in Information Science, Advertising and Public Relations.

Rafael Vaquer has lived  in Barcelona since 1975 where he began to work with Editorial Bruguera and Barrabás. In 2021 Editorial Amaniaco  published the full series of Atasco Star which he produced together with Alfons López for Editorial Bruguera (1980-1995).

He has regularly collaborated in multiple newspapers and magazines and has, (as a member of the collective Butifarra!)  after several monographs, edited the weekly magazine Cul de Sac.

Cul de sac published the  Johnny Roqueta series which first appeared in 1982 and was later published in the magazine El Jueves, with 14 edited volumes and a couple of homage exhibitions.

Other publications include Desembarc a Santa Ponça (1997), Connecta amb el Parlament (2000), Rosselló-Pòrcel: Les ales trencades (2013), Objectiu 20230 (2020) and Sa Galera, l’illa de les 1000 històries (2023), as well as the coordination and production of the collective work Història de les Illes Balears en còmic, in two different editions in 1981 and 2006.

Dolmen Editorial has compiled in three integral volumes the first period of Johnny Roqueta (1982-1987), a character who appears regularly in Diario de Mallorca presenting Como una moto articles dedicated to motorcycles, a theme that the author loves.



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