Manuel Calvo

Manuel Calvo studied Fine Arts in Madrid, specialising in several engraving techniques. During this time he also played guitar in the rock band Rag Cutter and collaborated on two of their albums. Once he was back to Mallorca, he was one of the finalists of the 2002 “Arte Jove Comic Award” and completed his studies in artistic ceramics at the “Escuela Superior de Diseño” (Superior Design School) with a project about ceramics and its representation in the history of painting.

In 2009 he was selected by the program Nuevas Presencias to exhibit his  “Anopheles of sculptures and drawings” at the Mandáis Gallery. Manuel  was one of the finalists at the “XIX Gregorio Prieto Drawing Award”, with three catalogues of his work published and acquired by the Council of Mallorca. He also participated in artistic collaborations in Mallorca creating music scenes for the artist Isabel Castro’s plays and videoart. From 2008 to 2012 he also helped Castro  run the creative space Can Danús  where concerts, exhibitions and cultural activities such as photography, dance, theatre, ceramics, painting and engraving by youngsters and adults alike, were held. In 2013 he left Mallorca for London where he continued to create artistic ceramics and drawings.  In 2020 his solo work  Pangaea  was exhibited  at the Zetter Hotel in London and his collective works of “Art in Clay” were displayed not only in London (Windsor) but also at the “Now” Festival in Spain and the Thrown Gallery, among others. He maintains contact with the island as a member of the “Clúster de Còmic”, presenting works from the association at the “Lakes International Comic Art Festival” in Kendal (UK) and participating in the CòmicNostrum’s festivals since 2018.